Saturday, November 13, 2010

Monetization - Don't Overdo It

It must be said straight away. Only very few blogs could survive without advertising in some form. That is quite natural. Realizing the amount of time involved in creating quality content that is the price we must all pay when rarely any of us like to pay any subscription prices for following blogs either through RSS or blogs visits in our browsers.

Nevertheless, you could overdo it. Personally, all the blinking boxes thrown around on some pages destroy the positive impression you would have had when ads were implemented more in style.

On this blog I have tried to run a pretty clean Blogger template. I have only made minor changes from a standard Blogger template, focusing on the importance of content instead of design.

You could monetize your content for free using Blogger as well, and therefore you can begin earning money online without needing to pay one single cent.

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