Monday, August 29, 2011

46,5% Bigger Adsense Earning With 0,9% Less Page Views

Last month I experienced an increase in Adsense earnings amounting to 46,51% extra with a decrease in traffic of 0,9%. Mostly due to vacation time obviously. But how should this inspire you?

If you haven't yet read Joel Comm's e-book Adsense Secrets 5, then you're leaving money on the table. But more than that you need the added capacity of banner ads to supplement Adsense ads in niches where Google Adsense doesn't provide optimal income.

I have previously written an e-book on the subject of banner ads, and I have decided to translate this into English so you can benefit from all the money earning tips I learned through split-testing. The Danish e-book has inspired many in the Danish market, and got good reviews, so the thought occured: "Why not provide it for the english-speaking audience also?"

Thought became action, and I am now translating it for YOU, my dear readers, to enjoy. In the meantime I recommend you get Adsense Secrets 5, and afterwards you will be ready to transform your earnings like I did.

Stay tuned. You're going to earn money from buying and reading this e-book when it's released on this blog, and on my other earning money online blog which you can find right here:

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