Thursday, December 17, 2015

Feedback Lies At The Core of Any Blog

Getting feedback is essential for any blog writer, and lies at the core of an active blog. Please remember this when you read various content out there, including this blog. Making comments brings link to your own content. Maybe not always in the form of search engine links, because many use the nofollow-tag, but there is a big misunderstanding in how the nofollow-tag is understood by search engines.

When I originally began blogging, I had very little traffic. I then began to write 3-5 comments per day in relevant niches, and that boosted my traffic. Partly because I made an effort in writing good comments which made people interested in my blog, but I also speeded up the process in getting search engine robots to browse my sites.

You need to understand that robots work in different ways. Some only focus on Google - and getting information from them is like breaking into Fort Knox. Virtually impossible. The far more interesting aspect are the other ping services, some of which also bring attention towards comments. You CAN therefore begin bringing traffic to your blog by using the comment field.

Don't just take my word for it. Try it yourself. You will begin to see an effect from this within a few weeks.

So what do you need information about? Thanks for your feedback.

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