Monday, September 19, 2016

It All Lies In the Audience

You need to learn this one all-important aspect in online income generation: It all lies in the audience. If your readers are members of Scrooge Ltd., you won't earn a single dime. Even the sale of an e-book priced at US.$.1 can be a challenge, if your audience isn't what marketers call responsive. You need to read this!

When I wrote Grab That Cash, I described the importance of a buying audience. I even outlined the one list you needed to generate a good online income. You may have guessed it. I sold less than a dozen copies of that e-book, and it took months.

Meanwhile, other marketers want you to believe they can generate THOUSANDS of dollars in mere hours, and people are spreading the lie because they earn a commission from doing so.

I won't take part in any of that! I will tell it exactly as it is. It is continued hard work which pays off in the end, and you need the stamina of a donkey and the stubbornness of all zodiac signs combined to keep at it. Once you HAVE made it, you can build an income that will last, and a regular basis for quitting your day time job.

But one thing must be clearly set in concrete. You shouldn't blog to make an income. You should blog because you think it's fun. You should do it because you can't shut up anyway, because then your focus won't be on selling your e-books even though that is, of course, a nice bonus.

When I wrote the e-book The Book Facebook Doesn't Want You to Read, I could only dream of how much money could be generated if just one percent of the user base were interested in hearing my story about leaving this so-called social network. Well, let's just say it was fun to write, and maybe some day it will generate sales. At least it was good karma to share at a price where everyone could participate. One dollar! :-)

Have fun out there.

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