Saturday, October 1, 2016

Last Quarter of 2016

We are now starting the last quarter of 2016. The final three months before New Year's Eve. It's you final run towards changing your results of the year.

What have been your good achievements during the first three quarters?

What were your disappointments?

How can you change disappointments into future successes?

I am a big fan of always taking stock of your results because it offers you a real chance to see whether what you are doing is working, or whether you need to make changes in the future to get better results.

Taking stock doesn't change a thing by itself. That is true. But it does offer you the realization that either something worked, or it didn't. If you just move on without analyzing, you may THINK you know how well you are doing, but may be forgetting to stop and THINK about how things are going.

Have a nice weekend everyone - and feel free to share your thoughts in the Comments field. :-)

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