Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Quality Above All Else

The one most important aspect of running an online business is QUALITY. Quality of content on blogs, creativity in podcasts, and a clear message when doing videos or webinars. That is the single most defining element in whether your audience will listen to you.

No one can survive if they recommend trash, and that is the second most important aspect in running an online business.

You probably know the feeling when you open your e-mail program. Beyond the obvious spam, you have hidden spam, where people you thought were worth listening to begin to recommend low-level stuff, and it's a burden on your time.

It was one of the primary reasons why I never recommended running your own lists. You run the risk of being disregarded. If 70% filter out your e-mails, you only get 30% who actually read what you have to say - and that can quite easily make it more important that you spend more time sharing the best content on your blog compared with spending time writing something that won't be read anyway.

At least, split test by including a graphic you can measure from your traffic statistic system to get the numbers. I still doubt the efficiency of lists IF your content isn't being read... :-)

Best of luck with your online business.

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