Thursday, July 13, 2017

If only...

If only you had won the lottery...
If only you had more time...
If only you didn't have so many difficulties...

Does your life sound like a broken record? If so, you NEED to read this article...

There is no doubt things would be easier if you HAD won the lottery, and had more time on your hands, but let's face the facts. We all get 24 hours each new day. We all have the same 3,600 seconds in each hour. How you spend those 86,400 seconds each day WILL be a determining factor in how life treats you.

If you spend countless seconds pondering what COULD have been, you are wasting important time.

That is time you could have spent kissing your partner, playing with your kids, talking a walk, listening to music, reading pages in the book you bought last week - you get the picture.

If, at least, you spent that time PLANNING instead of only DREAMING, you could have gotten some of the way towards your goals.

But we all know that's not how it works when we only DREAM of taking action.

Your dreams CAN become your future reality - and in the future, your past history when you determine that TODAY will be the beginning of a new way of thinking - and living.

You can find 300+ articles on my original blog on earning money online. I have shared numerous ideas on how you can start building that online income, and they are all shared free of charge. Many of them could begin earning today.

You have to get the ball rolling!

Not tomorrow. Not next month. TODAY!

Hoping I gave you some inspiration to start the ball rolling, and wishing you all a very happy day - and summer vacation if you are on vacation.

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