Monday, August 14, 2017

Focus on Projects that Deserve Your Attention

Let's face it: we are surrounded by a lot of business opportunities online. Not all of them are serious ideas. You need to have a well-trained bullshit detector at your disposal so you can focus on projects that deserve your attention. It is the only way you can have success online.

I have seen many projects promise fortunes in weeks. Most of them only earn money to the person starting the process. When you take a closer look at what is promised, you are quite often disappointed by the quality of the project, and that isn't worth wasting any time on. Don't go for short-term profits if you destroy your credibility online.

Your name is your single best currency online, because people will remember people who stand for high quality.

Think of things you were happy to find online. What names come to mind?

For me, Joel Comm stands out. His books on both Twitter and Adsense were very inspiring, and earned quite a bit of money, until Google - without any explanation, proof or willingness to discuss whatever they objected to - decided to close my Adsense account.

Well, no use in crying over spilt milk as we say here in Denmark. It was a shock that any company would destroy their source of income when everybody knew that it was a mutually beneficial business. Whatever we webmasters earned was matched in a 3x-6x% ratio. When you earned 100$, Google had earned 50$ plus interest while they money went from AdWords - immediately deducted from advertisers' credit cards - over to Adsense - paid at monthly intervals.

Anyway, necessity is the mother of all inventions, and I quickly discovered that banner ads that were RELEVANT for your audience could have the same effect.

Therefore, you should never waste any time with things that won't change the future for both yourself and your readers. Focus on what really works, and what is worth sharing with your audience. That is the key to success.

When you focus your attention on what really deserves your attention, you will see your income GROWS because you begin spending time on business opportunities that bring value to everybody, so start implementing this in your own business.

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